Mod «Vanilla Persona Weapons Expanded» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Vanilla Persona Weapons Expanded

Vanilla Persona Weapons Expanded is a mod that makes persona weapons a little bit more spicy - but only visually so. It never felt right that such a unique weapon does not actually look that unique - you can meet dozens of imperial royals, and all their persona weapons will just look like copies of themselves. I mean, you’d probably customize your own weapon to be a bit more unique if you had it, am I right?

With this mod, players not only are guaranteed a persona weapon of their choice and design upon reaching a rank of a Baron/Baroness, but every persona weapon in the game will now have a unique look. There is over 50 thousand different combinations, so I really doubt you will see the same looking persona weapon twice.

What’s best is that you can actually customize the looks of all your persona weapons. You get to decide the shape of the blade, the detail pattern, the handle of your zeushammer and the flameguards of your plasmaswords.

This mod only adds this functionality to persona monoswords, persona plasmaswords and persona zeushammers. Other mods that add new persona weapons will not be affected.

This mod will not work with any mod that retextures persona weapons.

This mod requires Royalty DLC and  Vanilla Expanded Framework

The content of this mod can be seen below.

21.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


06.07.22 (1.3)


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