Mod «Weapon Mastery» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Weapon Mastery

Adds a new simple weapon mastery mechanic into the game. Pawns use the same weapon for a decent amount of time, naturally they should start getting better at handling/using said weapon. This mod adds a new hidden skill that levels up as pawns use their weapons (similar to shooting/melee). Pawns will gradually receive some minor randomized bonuses from mastering weapons and will also rename their weapon for sentimental value.

More Description (Sorry, you can skip to features)

You're probably asking at this point, how does this differ from vanilla melee/shooting skills? A pawn mastering a steel sword will not master ALL steel swords but only THE steel sword that is in their possession. The pawn will only get stat bonuses when they equip one of their mastered weapons. Mastering a weapon can be done multiple times (multiple levels essentially) each time giving a new random stat bonus. The mod is highly configurable, you can add custom stats to the pools and customize the maximum number of levels and experience needed to reach each level.

  • Weapon Mastery (Minor stat boosts as weapon is being used)
    • Bonded weapons level faster
    • Relic weapons give flat additional bonus to ideology believers
  • Pawns will name their weapons (Has a chance to occur when gaining the first mastery level)
  • Highly Configurable
Planned Features
  • Any pawn entering your colony map has a chance to spawn with a weapon mastery and a named weapon
  • Create the OTHER mastery system (a pawn mastering a steel sword will master ALL steel swords NOT only THE steel sword that is in their possession). Possibly allowing both systems to coexist within the mod.
  • Add a slight mood buff while having a mastered weapon equipped and a debuff when losing your mastered weapon
  • I need help to expand the weapon names list (My English is limited)
  • Armor Mastery? I mean why not at this point
  • Allow customizing list of names through the mod configuration user interface
  • Write a compat patch for both Rimworld Of Magic and Infused
  • Possible compat patch for RimHud
  • I am also open to any other suggestions or improvements
  • Works with all modded weapons
  • Works with the following mods: Simple Sidearms, Infinite Reinforce
  • Doesn't work with the following mods: Upgradable weapons
  • Partially works with the following mods: Rimworld Of Magic (Conflict in weapon names when using super soldier class), Infused 1 and 2 (Conflict in weapon naming)

Note: There's currently no way to view mastery stats attained except by looking at the weapon's main description window. The first level gained will also send a notification message, the following levels won't.


- This mod doesn't add any new content or art so images don't really help here. It's best to try out the mod and see for yourself.

- I don't play with CE nor do I intend to patch the mod for it. From my limited modding experience, my mod should be compatible but don't take my word for it.

- It should be fine


  • Update for 1.4

Version 14.06.22 for RimWorld (v1.3)


Version 29.03.22 for RimWorld (v1.3)


Version 09.03.22 for RimWorld (v1.3)


File info

  • Added by: Lucifer
  • Author: Sk
  • Mod version: 08.12.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.1 mb
  • Source: Go to
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