Mod «Musical Instruments (Continued)» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Musical Instruments (Continued)

Craft a variety of musical instruments and play them for recreation.


q: How is a pawn's musical ability determined?
a: The main stat is artistic skill level, combined with manipulation and consciousness capabilities. Inspired creativity also temporarily improves musical ability.

q: Which instrument is the best?
a: As a rule of thumb, guitar / drum are ok for everyone, violin / ocarina are best for skilled musicians and terrible for bad musicians, and marimba / organ are somewhere in between. Advanced instruments are generally better than primitive ones. Quality and hp of the instrument also affect the performance quality. The material the instrument is made of only affects its max hp and market price, not music quality.

q: How do I make instruments?
a: First you need to complete the appropriate research project for the instrument you want. After that, small instruments are made at the sculptor's bench (quality depends on artistic skill), and large instruments are constructed as buildings (under the Joy tab, quality depends on construction skill). Alternatively, you can buy instruments from an exotic goods trader or a neutral / friendly faction base.

q: Does playing music train any skill?
a: Yes, playing music trains the artistic skill. If the pawn is playing for joy, it trains slowly. If they're playing for work, it trains at full speed (but doesn't give any joy)


20.10.22 (1.0-1.4)


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