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Medieval Overhaul: Leather Patches

A megapack containing all of the compatibility patches I've made so far for Medieval Overhaul - it adds hides to all animals from mods listed in the "compatibility" section - have fun - and safe travels out there on the Rim, friends!

- Alpha Animals
- Anima Animals
- Anima Animals Community Pack
- Birds Beyond Temperate Forest (thank you Soul!)
- Call of Cthulhu: Cosmic Horrors
- Devilstrand Animals
- Dinosauria
- Erin's Chocobos
- Erin's Fox Squirrel
- Erin's Friendly Ferrets
- Erin's Lizard Doggo
- Erin's Palamutes
- Erin's Wildlife
- Forsakens: Fauna
- H.C Creatures
- Alpha Mythology (Thanks, Predence00!)
- Morrowrim
- Morrowrim: Ashland Swamps
- MorrowRim: Bloodmoon
- Morrowrim: Trolls [Predence00]
- Race to the Rim
- ReGrowth Extinct Animals Pack [Soul]
- ReGrowth Mutated Animals Pack [Soul]
- VAE - Caves
- VAE - Tropical Swamps
- VAE - Tundra
- VFE Vikings
- Witcher Monster Hunt
- Wolves Den: Legendary wolves

+ VAE Arid Recipe patch - Hide's from Arid's animals (zebra, etc.) can now be tanned at the tanning rack (just a small bug fix)

+ VAE Desert Recipe patch - Lion hides can now be tanned at the tanning rack (just a small bug fix)

And more soon to come!


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