Mod «TD Enhancement Pack» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

TD Enhancement Pack

A whole bunch of UI improvements or tiny improvements.

Most things can be turned on/off in the settings. Features that add little to the user interface or don't change how the game works will be enabled by default, but features that change how things work will be disabled by default. (Perhaps something that is a definite improvement will be enabled by default.)

★ Feature list:

District / Zone things

  • Match Grow button to add a grow zone and only add matching terrain.
  • Calculation of the size of the zone / warehouse , taking into account fertility. Number of empty/fully grown plants.
  • Urgent restocking - Using the "Allow" tool (for example, freezers next to the cook).
  • Region Editing : You can reorder, recolor, clear and copy/paste in the Region Manager
    ● A house/roof area can be pasted into another region by right-clicking the paste icon
    ● By clicking the region name in the Manager, you can move on to adding to an area.
    ● Unlimited areas
  • Create an area called " Never Home " and that area will never be added to the home area.
  • Create an area called " Slaughterhouse " and animals will only be slaughtered in that area.
  • Cleaner zone edges (and range indicators). Now the corners are filled in and it's as sad as it looked in retrospect.
  • Button to toggle harvesting in growing/hydroponics areas.


  • Possibility of building the area
  • Building coverage (e.g. trade beacons, water pumps and all traps show IEDs)
  • Fertility of the area
  • Harvest progress
  • Lighting
  • the beauty
  • Walking speed
  • Overlays Auto show when tools are selected. Additional automatic overlays:
  • Stone smoothing
  • Placement of wind turbines showing wind blockers
  • Placement of geothermal generators shows the location of the vents
  • Cutting wood shows the growth of trees

Game improvements

  • A sarcophagus is preferable to graves for dead colonists
  • When you start a new game , auto-recovery is enabled.
  • Caravans automatically add whatever is selected on the map when the caravan dialog opens.
  • Caravans remember their list when closed/reopened (also transport pods)
  • Deep rock drilling gives you different rocks (which are available on the map; usually they are the same rock)
  • Drawings can be placed with any material : right-click on the construction tool to select a material.
  • Trade requests take your least valuable items first (still requiring normal quality)
  • Transport modules are rebuilt after startup
  • Count equipped jobs for any account queue

User Interface / Information

  • Selecting the colonist table is similar to normal selection - selected colonists are highlighted, shift-click to select more, and doesn't close the tab when you click a name.
    ● There is also an arrow pointing to the person the mouse is over.
  • There is a button on the selection info panel to increase the selected items
  • The level up arrows indicate learning skills in the Character tab.
  • Penoxycycline text green in body conditions: it's good! (disabled currently as of 4/4)
  • Drop Pods tell you what's dropped.
  • The hover information can be placed in the upper right corner so that it is not obscured by the "selected" information field.
  • Trade and negotiation dialogues can pause the game after closing.
  • Hold down the Shift key and click on the time controls to cancel the forced slow during combat.
  • Small icon to show exploration in progress -
    Resource data is saved with the save file so it remembers which categories to open
  • Option to hide toggle buttons in the bottom right corner
  • Warnings:
    ● Wear warning for low HP items - prevent them from ignoring this.
    ● No workbench bills.
    ● Heatstroke, toxic accumulation reaches relative level
    ● Wind blocked
    ● Added map name to food/medical alerts
    ● Trade windows can be sorted by "Cost per kg"
    ● Button in equipment/food window to copy policy (instead of just create a new one, empty)
    ● Switch button to show the power network

AI and behavior change

  • Sleeping enemies will not be attacked by your pawns (until they are selected)
  • Stop button for your pawns. Because sometimes you want them to stop.
  • The colonists will stop running as soon as the danger is gone.
  • Colonists will dodge grenades even if they are summoned. Of course, this interrupts their action.
  • Also dodge enemy grenades and you can even make enemies dodge your grenades.
    ● This can be disabled if a shield belt is worn.

Color change

  • Color change! Several fixes and new features. Applies to clothes.
  • Fixes the coloration of things made of steel ending at the same time (body armor)
  • Chance to spawn items with predefined color sets, as you see with raider armor
  • Versatile slight color variation 

File info

  • Added by: Lucifer
  • Author: Uuugggg
  • Mod version: 22.12.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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