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[XND] Turret Extensions (Continued)

Turret Extensions is a multi-purpose mod that does the following:

  • Fixes several vanilla bugs such as inaccurate cooldown/warmup stat readouts, pawns always facing south when manning turrets, and siegers potentially using wrong shell types
  • Makes manned turrets use the Shooting Accuracy and Aiming Time stats of the pawn using them
  • Allows you to view the damage amount and damage type of turret ammuniton (e.g. shells)
  • Adds various, well-documented turret framework extensions that allow modders to easily do what was previously impossible without C#, purely via XML

Turret Extensions' various framework extensions allows for turret mods that fill niches that could simply never be filled before without the extra capabilities that Turret Extensions brings to the table. Here's some of what Turret Extensions allows for as of v1.3.0:

  • Manned turrets that actually factor in their operator's accuracy and/or aiming time stats
  • Automatic turrets that can be force-targeted by the player, just like with pawns
  • Turret force-targeting to auto-cancel when the target is downed, just like with pawns
  • Turrets with limited firing arcs, as opposed to always being 360 degrees
  • Upgradable turrets with a large variety of parameters that can be adjusted

An example of a mod that uses a significant chunk of this mod's framework is TE Turret Expansion, which you can find in the Links section.

All of the above can now be done purely in XML; not a single line of C# is required! There is comprehensive documentation in the Links section for how to use this framework in your mods.

14.11.22 (1.0-1.4)


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