Mod «Biotech Expansion - Core» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Biotech Expansion - Core
The Biotech Expansion Project

The BEP is a continuous project to add more genes focused on variety and unique mechanics and playstyles! This is the core mod for the Biotech Expansion series. Does mostly nothing on its own. Mandatory for every mod on there! Be on the look out for other biotech expansions! Check back frequently for new genes and other mods in the BEP!

This core module was designed to ensure that each BE mod is independent of each other (except for Core).

Universal Genes

In addition to providing a framework to the rest of BTE, Core also adds genes that are or are likely to be included in multiple modules at once. These are:

- Feral Might: Deal 1.25x melee damage while unarmed (native and natural/implanted weapons only, no weapons!). This stacks with other melee damage genes.
- Carnivore: Guarantees food poisoning for NonMeat foods, but carriers don't care about eating corpses. Processed/foods with "Any" foodkind are still ok, however.
- Herbivore: Guarantees food poisoning for Meat foods. Processed/foods with "Any" foodkind are still ok, however.

Some of the Biotech Expansion Mods!

  • Biotech Expansion - Mammalia
  • Biotech Expansion - Mythic
  • Biotech Expansion - Ear Hair Color Patch

Requires: DLC Biotech

26.11.22 (1.4)


22.11.22 (1.4)


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