Mod «Q's Biotech Patches» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Q's Biotech Patches

Introduces some patches to Biotech behaviors, and adds some precepts centering new Biotech mechanics.

This mod should be save-game compatible, but please file a bug report in the discussion below if you encounter any unexpected behavior.

Disclaimer: I've done my best to test these changes and as many edge cases as I could think of, but I have not tested this mod rigorously in actual gameplay. If it causes problems, PLEASE let me know about them in the bug report discussion below and I will fix them ASAP.

Core functionality changes

  • Children born into a tribal colony now have the natural meditation focus.
  • The xenotype of the "Wanderer joins" ritual reward is selected randomly from the xenotypes of the ritual attendees.
  • Genemodding now counts as a body modification for the purposes of the body modder trait and transhumanist ideologies. However, the presence of a xenogerm only counts as one modification, no matter how many genes are inside it. Subsequent implantations are not currently counted as "new" modifications.

New precepts


Xenodiversity is a measure of the number of different xenotypes in your colony. Pawns following bigoted ideologies are peeved by the presence of xenotypes other than their own within the colony, and receive a mood bonus when the colony's xenotypes are uniform. Pawns following progressive ideologies receive modest mood bonuses as the colony grows more diverse.

Growth vats

In vanilla, colonists disapprove of growth vats by default. They get a bit sad when their children are in them. The growth vats precept supplies two alternative options aside from the default of disapproval:

  • Colonists who abhor growth vats will be devastated if their child is put in one, and will become uncomfortable if growth vats are constructed in the colony.
  • Colonists who prefer growth vats will get worried if their child is not in a growth vat, and once their expectations are moderate, they will become uncomfortable if there are no growth vats constructed in the colony.

Birth control

This is a higher impact precept. It is not set by default, but you can select birth control preferred or birth control prohibited.

Pawns who prefer birth control will get a bit anxious if they have not been sterilized. Once they are, they receive a modest mood bonus.

Pawns who prohibit birth control will refuse to perform birth control procedures. If one is forced on them, they will experience a powerful mood debuff until the procedure is reversed. Terminating the pregnancy of such a pawn will also result in a strong negative mood effect. These pawns harbor negative opinions towards pawns who have terminated their pregnancies.

Planned future changes

  • Precepts related to sanguophages and hemogen pack extraction.
  • Negative mood effects for body purists who undergo gene implantation.
  • Negative opinion modifiers among those who prohibit birth control for surgeons who perform pregnancy terminations.
  • Counting subsequent gene implantations as new body modifications.
  • Pollution-related precept.
  • Gene-harvesting precept.
  • Organ harvesting precept allowing harvesting and selling from pigskins only.
  • Cannibalism precept allowing cannibalism and butchering of pigskins only.
  • Mechanoid connection precept.
  • Potentially a meme relating to childbirth and rearing.


  • RimWorld - Ideology
  • RimWorld - Biotech

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