Mod «Toggleable Overlays» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Toggleable Overlays

Instead of items always showing their overlays, this mod allows those overlays to only show when you mouseover things.

  • Performance: RimWorld's label rendering is not terribly efficient. By disabling overlays, you can improve the performance, especially if you have a large number of things lying around.

  • Configurable: You can customize it to your liking, as the following categories can be hidden:
    • Item stack quantity and quality
    • Bed assignments
    • Throne assignments (Royalty)
    • Storage buildings (including Deep Storage)
    • Player pawn names, able to exclude drafted
    • Prisoner and slave names
    • Hostile names
    • Neutral or friendly pawn names
    • Power icon overlays
    • Fuel icon overlays
    • Broken down overlays
    • Forbidden item red X
    • Forbidden building and blueprint red X
  • Quick view: Use the CTRL key to render all labels back to normal again. You can change this in the game's normal key binding settings.

  • Subtle blueprints: You can also adjust the transparency of blueprint outlines (shown in second screenshot).
  • Non-ideal behavior with the mod Signs and Comments as the text overlays may not render when the camera is pulled back.


02.02.23 (1.3-1.4)

  • Fixes


13.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


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