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Shavius's Vanilla Expanded Patches

Some patches for the VE series mods aiming at improving subjective game experience. Will be continuingly updated in future.

Note that required mods are not all required

Current content:

Added proper weaponClasses for all Vanilla Faction Expanded weapons.

Vanilla Apparel Expanded
Make shoes and boots acceptable by nobles and spawn more frequently on NPC.

Vanilla Apparel Expanded — Accessories
Accessory equipments from this mod can now spawn on npc.
Explosive belt and ranged shield belt are tagged the same as smokepop belt and shield pack.
Battlebanner is tagged MedievalMilitary, which may not appear in vanilla pawns but can be on VFE-Medieval pawns.
Mini turret pack now tagged the same as advanced flak helmet. Which means it spawns on vanilla mercenaries and imperials.
Any pawn that spawn with a neoliithic or medieval ranged weapon may possibly equip with a quiver.
Any pawn that spawn gun may possibly equip with an ammo pack.
All imperial soldiers are offered an extra chance to pick ranged shield belt.

Vanilla Armour Expanded
Eyewears from this mod will no longer be rendered above helmet.
Since there is a "wooden armour" added, vanilla plate armour can no longer be made by wood.
Marine gloves and boots are acceptable by nobles.
Soldiers of Empire will use the armor added in this mod.

Troopers will randomly spawn with Trooper Armour and helmet.
Cataphract will randomly spawn with Siegebreaker Armour and helmet.
Stellar defenders and wardens will randomly spawn with Prestige Siegebreaker Armour and helmet.
Cataphract and Stellar guys are forced to wear marine gloves and boots.
Low ranked soldiers will wear plateboots.

Vanilla Weapons Expanded
The vanilla Gunsmithing tech will now require Gunpowder tech from this mod.

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Heavy Weapons
Imperial Grenadiers from the empire will randomly spawn with the heavy weapons in this mod.
Vanilla Heavy Mercenaries will also use the heavy weapons, while being forced to wear an industrial exo-skeleton. Their budget has been rebalanced so they can afford it.

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Lasers
Laser weapons can now appear as ideological relics.

Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Frontiers
Some VWE weapons related to western style are now also categorized as frontier weapons.

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Medieval
Since musketeers are removed, bowmen can now spawn with VWE muskets.
Medieval bowmen's max weapon budget is raised so they are more likely to afford muskets, and more importantly, heavy crossbows added in this mod.
Armour settings rebalanced, with VAE together, Knights and Lords will no longer wear confusingly light armour.

These Only work while loaded with this Shavius's Medieval Flavour Pack:
Pawns of medieval faction will have medieval backstories instead of tribal ones. They are now categorized based on social status, knights and lords will have their unique backstories different from the commoner's (Only for NPC).
Medieval factions will have a unique leader title generator instead of the tribal one.
Medieval Ideologies will no longer be named after "Tribal XXX"
Feudal culture now uses castle icon instead of tribe.

The categorization also works for Medieval Backstories, just make sure this is loaded later.

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Vikings
Crypto weapons can now become ideological relics.
Use the Styling Station with Crypto Shield will no longer trigger error.
A Dog Said patch for wooly cows and wolfhounds. Requires A Dog Said Easy Patcher

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Classical
Vanilla pila will also be used alongside javelin by classical factions.
These Only work while loaded with this Shavius's Classical Flavour Pack:
Pawns of classical faction will have their exclusive classical style backstories, if you've installed the medieval flavour pack, some stories from it will also be used.
A new ideology structure of Hellenic legend, but it is somehow imcomplete since I can't create art resources for it. Will be using resources from Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Memes and Structures if installed with it. Classical factions' ideologies are highly likely to use it.

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Insectoid
Stellar defenders from the empire will now use the plasma weapons added in this mod.

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Ancient
Ancient cryptosleep suspender now accepts VFE-Medical linkables.

Vanilla Faction Expanded - Pirate
Junker scrapper now uses weapons from VWE-Makeshift

Vanilla Plants Expanded
VFE-Medieval grape and vanilla berry now count as fruits.

Vanilla Fishing Expanded
Fish from VAE-Icesheet and Race to the Rim now count as fish.

Vanilla Brewing Expanded
Liqours added in VFE mods and vanilla beer are now categorised as alcoholic beverages.
Beverages from Rim-Effect Extended Cut are also now categorised.

Vanilla Animals Expanded
Camel can now appear in NPC merchant caravans.
Muskox and indian elephant, which already can exist in NPC caravans, now also appears in the caravan of other modded factions that uses vanilla packed animals(e.g if a faction uses elephant, now it also uses indian elephant).

Vanilla Ideologies Expanded - Dryad
Gaubric is less often in spawned apparels.

Other Compatibilities
Coal Expanded (Continued)
The Coal Grill from this mod will also include the function of the VCE grill.
The Coal Grill will also benefit from linkables added in VFE-Production.
Use method in VFE-Production to copy recipe list for the new buildings from this mod.
The wood-fired furniture which already has coal-fired alternative from this mod will no longer be automatically applicable to coal, e.g. wood-fired generators, braziers etc.

Reason of making some of the patches
My concept of rimworld is that, the whole world can exist on it on. While the player might be somewhat special, you are still a part of this world. So when a mod adds something into the game, I want to make it not exclusively available to the player, but has reasonably existed somewhere else in the world before the player has arrived.


  • Experimental fix for mech serum healing highmate bonds and crypto armor bleding

27.05.23 (1.2-1.4)

  • Update 1.4


04.09.22 (1.2-1.3)


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