Mod «Voice-Acted Radio Chatter» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Voice-Acted Radio Chatter

This mod adds voice actors to the game as well as unique alarm and event sounds using the voice of overwatch from Half-life. Event sounds can be disabled. You can select and deselect voices individually in the mod menu, so that you can use only the voices you want and disable voices you don't like or don't fit with your style. For a game in progress, accessing the mod settings let you choose a specific VA for the desired colonist. Simply select a colonist and choose their desired VA.

You can alter the minimum-maximum randomized cooldown for voice lines. This way if you feel they talk too little, or too much, you can customize the cooldown for the different responses. This so that the radio chatter fits your own pacing. The mod customization options are fairly simple and intuitive so they should be easy to understand.

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