Mod «Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion

This mod aims to enrich the gameplay of bionics and surgery as much as possible without breaking the vanilla experience. It was originally conceived as a simplified and "improved" version of advanced prosthetics and organ engineering, which to some extent it remains so, but now it is also a separate and complete medical mod. This mod includes all sorts of prostheses and bionic parts, bone repair and scar healing surgeries for your needs.

Your colonists, however, will struggle for a while if they lose limbs or become severely crippled early in the game until you manage to create rare and expensive bionic parts. You can still make simple prostheses and repair broken bones relatively quickly after research, but the resource costs for most things are quite high. Pegs, wooden feet and dentures are of course always available for free. ;-) Early life in the colony was never easy!

RBSE is a standalone mod for bionics and surgery. Do not install RBSE with EPOE

  • 2 workbenches.
  • Bionic Workbench Craft a variety of bionic prostheses. (simple parts are available on the machining table)
  • Advanced Medical Station: Craft advanced bionic prostheses, synthetic organs, and brain implants.
  • Restoration of the bones of the clavicles, femur, tibia and so on (Including spinal fusion)
  • Old scars and gunshot wounds can be healed with Glitterworld's cure after research. (brain scars need to be treated in other ways)
  • All bionic parts require quite a lot of resources, mostly plasteel and components. (For example: 1 bionic arm costs 80 plasteel and 6 components.)
  • The simplest prosthetic parts cost steel and components. (For example: 1 simple prosthetic arm costs 120 steel and 4 components.)
  • Balanced Bionic Parts: Bionic cyborg pawns are powerful, but not overly strong in the game.
  • Organ rejection system in natural organ transplantation. (vanilla) (can be enabled/disabled in mod settings)
  • Organs need refrigeration to avoid putrefaction and decay.
  • 3 new chronic diseases: chronic kidney disease, congenital heart disease, chronic stomach disease.
  • 3 new brain implants for late game and brain damaged colonists.
  • The hook is available through the Blacksmithing research.
  • Research tree for bionics and surgery with a separate research tab.
  • Archotek parts cannot be crafted, just like in vanilla. They are also slightly superior to advanced bionic parts.
  • 3 implant colors: blue for simple parts, blue for bionics and purple for complex parts.
  • Medicine and Glitterworld Medicine have the original red colors from A16.
  • White textures for parts of the royal family to better match the medical theme.
  • Redundancy is kept to a minimum.
  • Bug fixes and balance work.

19.12.22 (1.3-1.4)


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  • Author: Rah
  • Mod version: 13.04.23
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