Mod «Medical Supplements (Continued)» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Medical Supplements (Continued)

Adds pharmaceuticals and new food items.


  • Immunization
    - After testing, rimoxicillin can be given an injection for immunization. Made from ethylmercury, neutroamine and rimoxicillin using an industrial first aid kit. Immunizing will either remove the Sickness trait from the colonist or add the Super Immunity trait instead. It is given as a self-administered injection.
  • Cerebrax injection
    - Cerebrax is an injection that eliminates the "negative" traits of mental sensitivity. Being space technology, it is made with Ultratech drug, Neutroamine, Lithium salts and Clarity. The injection gradually removes signs of psychic susceptibility, so hypersensitivity will require two injections.

Additional surgical procedures:

  • Medical stent : May be used to clear blocked arteries.
  • Artificial back discs : Can be used to correct bad back conditions.
  • Advanced Surgical Instruments : Can be used for complex operations where additional precision instruments are required. Currently used in the following:
  • Removal of a cataract . (in combination with contact lenses).

Combat stimulants:

  • Combat Stimpacks are short-term mechanite boosters similar to Luciferium, but the negative effects are different and more manageable as there are no fatality or addiction issues. It is applied by self-injection before the call. Steam is enough for half a day. 
  • Transcendence is a stimulant similar to Mechanoid Neurotrainer, it is an injection of processed mechanites that affect neural mechanisms and brain chemistry. Transcendence effects are less random with the possibility of ordering the applied qualities of knowledge and skills acquired in more characteristic skill sets. However, the amount received is slightly less than that of a conventional neurotrainer.



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