Mod «More Archotech Garbage» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

More Archotech Garbage

-Archotech Fragments - The main resource used to build and/or craft archotech devices. Obtained from: special mechanoid salvaging recipe (at the archotech bench), quests, traders (faction bases seem to offer them pretty often), destroying ancient ship parts, destroying/deconstructing some of the mechanoid cluster buildings (the archotech looking ones, can't miss 'em)
-Archotech Mass - A material that can be used in any stuffable recipe (it's a leather, wool, stone, metal etc, all at the same time). Somewhat strong but the stats are within "vanilla range", it's pretty much the best material for almost anything (at least if you don't use any poweful ones from other mods), but don't expect 10000000% stat boosts.

-Archotech Resurrector - basically a resurrector mech serum, but without the drawbacks
-Psychic Recruiter - tames/recruits any creature without fail (except mechanoids, those get killed)
-Psychic Inspirator - triggers an inspiration in an allied humanlike pawn
-Psychic Kill Switch - instantly kills the target.
-Psyrestore lance - instantly restores psyfocus and removes any neural heat (requires Royalty)
-Psychic healer lance - heals the target's wounds.
-Psychic tranquility lance - stops the target's mental break
-Psychic animal trainer - instantly trains a tamed animal
-Psychic terror pulser - forces hostile humanlikes to flee
-Psychic stasis lance - puts the target in a stasis (can't move, can't bleed, can't take damage)

-Archotech medicine - basically just upgraded glitterworld medicine, but can also be used like a healer mech serum.

-Mechanoid summoner - Can be used to summon a mechanoid raid or other mechanoid attacks
-Meteorite Summoner - Triggers the meteorite event with a press of a button, a decent high risk way of quickly getting resources
-Pod Summoner - every 1-3 days summons item drop pods, ~10% of the time it will instead contain a person
-Psychic Manipulator - Can be used to instantly summon a wanderer to your colony or tame a random animal on the map, there's a small risk of a bad thing happening instead.
-Archotech Limb Assembler - periodically makes vanilla archotech body parts
-Resource Assembler - Regularly generates small amounts of basic materials (steel, silver, gold, uranium, jade and plasteel)
-Archotech Nourisher - Generates Archotech food. It also assists with coking a bit.
-Archotech Food - different archotech-tier foods (meat, vegetarian etc.), doesn't spoil or deteriorate, nutritious and tasty (more types added with VE Cooking)
-Archotech Walls - adds 2 types of walls, 1 really tanky one and one with the ability to repair itself every 24 hours (the second one might be a little bit laggy, nothing severe but be careful with those)
-Archotech Floor - Very clean and very sturdy.

Support for other mods:
-Vanilla Expanded - Insectoids
-Vanilla Expanded - Vikings
-Vanilla Expanded - Art
-Vanilla Expanded - Security
-Vanilla Expanded - Power
-More Utility Packs
-Cyber Fauna
-Royalty (yes, I know, technically not a mod)
-Save our Ship 2
-HALO: Rimworld Psychic Pulse Armory
-Klickmala Race
-Cyber Fauna - The birds and a bees patch (yes, a patch for a patch)
-KEP:Toolbox Bionics
-What the hack - A little expansion
-Archotech medicine (renames it, removes the research, gives it a new recipe - done to avoid duplicates)
-[SMP] Simple Archotech Implants
-Archotech Expanded Prosthetics
-Artifacts Expanded
-Geiger Belt
-Medical System Expansion 2 (temporarily disabled, gonna re-do the patch later)
-Midworld vapes
-[FSF] Advanced Bionics Expansion
-Archotech Brain [JGH]
-[SYR] Metallic Batteries
-Eternal Youth Implant
-YAPEM Core and Animals modules


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