Mod «HD Pawn Rendering» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

HD Pawn Rendering

The new 1.3 update of Rimworld limited the render resolution for pawns to 128x128. This mod aims to remove that limit, increasing it to either 512x512 or any user defined choice, enabling high res apparel and race mods to work correctly again. Comes with settings for resolution, mip maps and anti-aliasing.

No new textures are included in this mod, and for its effects to be visible other mods have to be active too.

Fully compatible with mods like Graphics Setter, high quality textures and Rocketman since this only touches the new 1.3 rendering function and none of what those other mods are patching.
Performance impact of the default configuration I chose is rather negligible in small colonies, but does scale with pawn counts.

Compared to Heeta's "Pawn Render Patch for HD" mod this mod should have the better fps and compatibility, while theirs should be using less VRAM. The reason here is that this continues using Rimworld's new rendering system and just increases the resolution (with a few extra tweaks), while Heeta's mod adds a constant check to the camera regarding zoom level, switching between old and new method where appropriate without changing any resolutions. The resulting texture looks very similar, with this mod here having minor advantages with low res textures and the bandage system. Hopefully this clears up some confusion.

The  Vanilla Expanded Framework now integrated an atlas disabling feature which is almost identical to the aforementioned Pawn Render Patch by Heeta, just without setting for camera zoom level. For HD Pawn Rendering to work with that their setting has to be unticked, with atlas caching remaining enabled.


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