Mod «Scattered Flames» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Scattered Flames

Following in the footsteps of Scattered Stones, this graphical mod attempts to make fire look more organic. They are given random offsets, are no longer restricted to one fire graphic per cell, and can emit smoke and other particle effects.

  • High performance: Wild fires now use an optimized graphic class. If you prefer the look of normal vanilla fire, you can disable all these features and benefit from fire that performs approximately 50% faster.
  • Multi-flame graphics: Allows some tiles to have multiple flame graphics instead of one-per-tile. This is a cosmetic change and functionally it still works as if there was just 1 flame. Even with this enabled, it'll still perform faster than vanilla fire.
  • Particle FX: Allows fire to emit sparks and other particle effects.
  • Smoke: The mod Simple FX: Smoke has been updated to allow anything to emit smoke now, such as wild fires. The smoke will even respect the current wind speed and direction.
  • Optimize shadows: RimWorld's rendering of shadows does not blend well with fire. Enabling this option makes anything that is on fire not cast a shadow, improving the overall visuals.
  • Disable fire watcher: A leftover feature from development. I found myself needing to disable the rain that happens during out-of-control wild fires, for testing purposes, and decided to leave it in as a toggle switch in case anyone finds it useful.
  • Save game compatible, as this mod does not touch your save file
  • Not compatible with Rimthreaded at this time, but its devs are aware of the issue.
  • No other known incompatibilities at this time, as this is just a graphics replacement. Of note, these fire-related mods have been verified:
    • Uncompromising Fires


- Slight performance optimizations: I've been revisiting some of my mods to apply knowledge I picked up related to the subtle nuances of how harmony overhead works exactly, as well as how to make better utilization of CPU cache.
- The "multi-flame graphic" variants are now out of sync with one another so they don't share the same exact frame.

21.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


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