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Vanilla Textures Expanded - Save Our Ship 2

I finally moved my lazy ass to create a full retexture of everything in Save Our Ship 2. It was a glorious and huge undertaking, we're talking hundreds of textures that needed to be remade - but it's for a good cause. I wanted to play with SoS2 for a long time, but textures were always keeping me from trying: I like my mods blending together nicely, and the art style of SoS2 was simply not in any way, shape or form similar to that of vanilla expanded mods.

So I sat down and tinkered, and worked, and experimented, and designed a brand new reskin that I hope at least some of you will enjoy. I worked closely with the SoS2 team which were more than aware of my endeavour - in fact they encouraged it!

This mod is a full retexture of Save Our Ship 2, and as such it requires you to have Save Our Ship 2 installed and loaded before this mod.


Q: Did you retexture walls/floors/roofs too?
A: I did indeed!

Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
A: Yes, it’s a simple texture pack.

Q: Is there a performance impact?
A: No. The biggest processing power the game utilises is to calculate bills, pawn movement etc. Inserting images into the game doesn't account for any FPS drops.

Q: I don’t like a particular retexture that you did. How can I turn it off?
A: Since this mod alters drawSizes of majority of items and structures to better fit the game, removing the individual textures is not as easy, sorry.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: It should be!

Q: Why did you decide to retexture SoS2?
A: I’m a big fan of Mr Samuel Streamer. I watched his Captain Bucko’s playthrough in space, which inspired me to bring SoS2 closer to Vanilla Expanded art style. Now I’m awaiting in anticipation for him to do another SoS2 playthrough, so if you want to help out, go to his videos, like them and say ‘Oskar demands, Samuel provides’. He will know what it means.


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