Mod «MakaiTech» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


A bunch of random crap that I put in on a whim. Include weapon, apparel, material and building.

Created based on the lore I have lying around from my thesis project.

Normal description

This mod add a whole lot of new building and item span from Ultratech era to Archotech.
New material and universal fuel source (optional) and dozen of powerful weapon with unique effect.

Turret with devastating prowess, a few "bionic"

Essence system which unlock at the end of tech tree. that then combine into the Primordial Forge or crafting into weapon/apparel.


  • 1 Floor
  • 16 Buildings
  • 5 Turrets
  • 4 Apparel
  • 12 Weapons
  • 17 Items

Mod will be update as I getting new idea

New item maybe added based on active mod. Or existing thing function differently.

Supported Modded material craftable by Primordial Forge
  • More Archotech Garbage
  • Science Never Stop(and TPoC addon)
  • GlitterTech
  • VFE - Mechanoid
  • Moyo - From the Depth
  • Antimatter Annihilation
  • Save Our Ship 2.
  • VFE - Ancient.
  • Bloodborne Weapon Remake
  • WVC - Core
  • Hisa Faction
  • Kurin Delux edition
  • Hellsing Ultimate
  • Project RimFactory


Q: is this CE compatible
A: Yes.

Q: how do I get celestial steel to start with?
A: Celestial steel can be acquire early on(but very inefficient)by finish the first research and "craft" with fabrication bench or from Makai's Orbital Trader(very expensive)

Known Issue
  • Sun Crade and Miniature Sun always show "Not connected to power"
    this is due to vanilla power system. the building still work as it should
  • for Rimpy user. Proximity is not required. despite what it tell you
  • the red error about incorrect forced miss radius is harmless. you can ignore.
  • Souls Transfer is very specific. if any part of pawn name is different than the soul. including the Nickname. it will count as different pawn.


19.02.23 (1.3-1.4)


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Only 1.3 does not include 1.4