Mod «Wisteria Corporation» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Wisteria Corporation

== Wisteria Corporation ==
-Formerly Charged Arsenal-

- From the isolated isle of Wisera comes an offering of high-end weapons to suit the spacer-centric connoisseur. From the halls of Wisteria Heavy Industries Corp, utilizing the same pulse-charge technology seen in use in your favorite charge projectile weapons, comes a new, proprietary magnetic confinement shelling process. Based on research on a unique, indigenous crystal plant called the "Puleun", this has led to the development and production of melee weapon implements following favored designs from yesteryears to today. Your favored cutting, stabbing, or bludgeoning weapons given a new, high-tech, high-frequency makeover that would please any spacer combat professional with exemplary combat performance, high-end looks, and ease of maintenance and use with W-HIC's market-defining energy crystal matrix power cells for life-long uptime.
- All this combined with W-HIC's pioneering initial set of high quality power armor and ranged weapon derivatives and designs to suit prospective customers, this showcase product lineup is sure to satisfy any enthusiastic combat-centric Rimworlder.

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