Mod «Clean Pathfinding» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Clean Pathfinding

What's the point of building roads and paths around the map if your pawns are just going to dirty their feet by not using them? This mod applies a modifier to the perceived pathing costs of any dirty tiles to help keep things clean.


  • High performance: The original vanilla pathfinding is still used, and this mod merely slips in a few simple calculations. The performance impact is negligible and a profiling has been provided in the screenshots.

  • Clean feet: An avoidance bias can be applied to any filth-generating tiles. Pawns will prefer to go around by using cleaner paths, even if it means it'll take longer to reach their destination. While this may be less efficient, the reduction of cleaning tasks in the future makes up for it.

  • Road attraction: A road attraction bonus can be applied to any tiles that have the road tag.

  • Conditional rules: The tuning rules can be ignored if certain conditions are met, such as carrying another pawn in emergencies, or bleeding out.

  • Extra range: The range of precise pathfinding can be adjusted, if your computer has performance to spare. The default range is around 40 tiles, and the slider adds to this.

  • Factor light: Since pawns move slower in the dark, an option has been provided to make them factor illumination when calculating their path.

  • Exit pathing: An optional feature which may be used on unusual, custom-made maps. If pawns are stuck and cannot find the map exit, this tuning can make their search more persistent.


Q. How does this mod compare to Perfect Pathfinding, and can they be used together?
A. Rimworld has multiple pathfinding systems, and Perfect Pathfnding forces pawns to always use the most precise one regardless of performance costs, but doesn't have anything to do with filth avoidance or arbitrary road attraction. They can be used together, though this mod comes with a built-in range adjuster. It's not quite the same thing but it may work well enough for you.

Q. What floors have the "road tag"?
A. The road tag is a built in vanilla feature and is seen on flagstone, packed dirt, and broken asphalt. Modded floors may also use it. This feature was mainly added for packed dirt, since packed dirt paths are also filth generating. If you don't have any of those, you can make due with only using the filth avoidance setting.


  • Can be added or removed to games at any point.
  • Compatible with other mods that edit pathing, such as Path Avoid and SoS2.



  • Update to the transpiler to align with new 1.4 variable array. Pathing calculations have quietly been subtly wrong before, should be right now though.

Version 12.10.22 for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

  • 1.4 support


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