Mod «Tech Traversal» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Tech Traversal

Makes the calculation for current research speed account for 100% completed tech levels. If you start as tribal, and complete all Neolithic research, the game will recognise your capability as Medieval, and so on. No more doing rocket science at a Neolithic rate just because your colony started that way!


  • But why?
    Because someone complained briefly about how the vanilla functions worked.

  • How long did it take?
    Bout an hour? Mostly because the first attempt didn't work properly.

  • So if we complain briefly you'll make mods for us?!
    Only for people I like and happen to be on the O21 Patreon Discord. And I have to also like the's a lot of hoops to jump through.

  • DoEs iT wOrK wItH tHiS oThEr mOd?
    Bud, I'm not omnipotent, test it yourself and find out.

  • Isn't this just Tech Advancing with less options?
    Didn't know it existed till posting this and being told repeatedly. Alternative options are a good thing regardless of differences. Prefer TA? Then use it, I couldn't care less.

  • What's the difference between this and Tech Advancing?
    No idea really, never used it, obviously (see above). Going on the description alone it seems all TA has over this is scaling changes to the costs of researches and discounts for lower levels. This mod however has the options for choosing exactly what percentage of research you need completed to advance (instead of all or half), includes a counter on the Vanilla UI (only the Vanilla UI) and lets you have it ignore modded research entirely for the calculation. Oh and you can also choose if this only affects scenarios starting at a lower than Ultratech level or if it affects scenarios in general and even the minimum tech level you can have!

  • Can you support the counter on mods that replace the vanilla research tree?
    I could, it'd take me longer than it took to make the rest of the mod though so nope! Ask them to add a counter instead, it's their UI, they'd know better where one could fit.

  • Can you add an option for this thing I want?
    Honestly you'll be lucky if I even reply to say no. This already does more than I originally planned and it's not being expanded further.

  • Can I add or remove this mid-save?
    SURE! You can always add or remove a mod mid-save, any mod, it's whether or not it'll brick your save that matters though and this in theory has no saved data outside of configs (which are not tied to saves) so you should be able to add or remove this during a save without issues. If you do encounter a problem though it's your own damn fault for doing something so reckless.


The only issue that is likely to exist is if you use a modded research screen (Like Dubs or ResearchPal) then the counter of course won't work for those, but it should also not cause any issues with them even if it's enabled.

If you have an issue to report you MUST include a HugsLib log (Ctrl+F12) or I can't help in most cases.

Frankly you lot are terrible for never coming back with one when asked after the fact so I just don't bother to respond most of the time if you don't include one right away, it's in the description right here in big text, I shouldn't need to repeat myself. Especially in this case where the issues section is half of the description!


- Neronix17 - C#
- Oddbold - Complained

Required: HugsLib

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