Mod «Rimedieval - Ice add-on» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Rimedieval - Ice add-on

Rewritten and re-textured version of Fumblesneeze`s Ice mod which stuck in 1.1. Adds Ice to Rimworld.

- Build ice walls and sculptures
- Build medieval cellar to creat ice and medieval fridge to store food. Under Production tab.
- Ice blocks, walls and sculptures will cool the area but deteriorate
- Repair ice things with more ice blocks
- Ice blocks can be dug from ice terrain, produced via cellar or bought from traders, price will vary depending on the temperature.
- Lakes and marshes freeze in winter and during cold snaps
- You can build on the frozen lakes, but beware, things might get destroyed when they thaw
- Carrying ice blocks will keep your other carried things nice and fresh.

Load order:
  • Core
  • Libraries as Hugs and Harmony
  • LWM Deep Storage
  • Ice add-on


  • Harmony
  • LWM's Deep Storage

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