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War Crimes Expanded 2 Core

War Crimes Expanded 2 further expands on Rimworld’s already plentiful war crimes by adding a variety of new torturous implants and operations to perform on your colonists, prisoners, enemies, and friends alike. Operations in this mod are designed around causing pain and/or suffering, but also.. Lots of experience for the doctors doing it.

Torture in War Crimes Expanded 2 comes in four flavors: Mutilations, Surgeries, Implants, and Growths. Unlike the previous version, pawns properly hate their torturers, and pawns who dislike torture hate those who do it. Conversely, those who like being tortured or like torture, like those who do it! And of course, as is proper, all torturous acts are proper war crimes and factions will hate you for doing it to their people!

Mutilations are the first major branch of torture. These include, but are not limited to: hacking off limbs, gouging out eyes, cutting off ears, burning their face in acid, and branding them with a red hot poker. Every single one of these operations causes injuries that must be healed as if the pawn was attacked - the most common are cuts, but burns and bruises happen as well. Be careful when disfiguring their face with acid! You might melt an eye or ear off.. You can also make someone a trauma savant by bashing their head in! It rarely works, so you’ll have to keep trying! More often than not it will just cause someone to be half-brain dead than become a savant. And be careful doing too many attempts at once or you’ll cave their skull in!

Surgeries are the next branch and they tend to be more scientific or useful in nature. The first, and classic, is of course simply to practice surgery, cutting a pawn open in interesting ways. This gives a good amount of medical experience. The second is an advanced form of that: Vivisection. Perform this and they’ll be left with their organs exposed and bleeding profusely - you can’t bandage them, and the only way to help them survive is to stitch them back up! You can also put someone in an artificial coma for a variety of reasons and perform lobotomies on someone. Lobotomies are a powerful tool to make a near-mindless slave. They have an extremely high failure rate, which causes death 100% of the time, but those who survive make absolutely excellent slaves.

Thirdly we have Implants! Implants are just that - implanted modifications to a pawn. Some of these are less permanent than others, being easily removable - others are less so, being difficult-to-remove organ modifications. Unlike mutilations, these are not curable by healer mech serums, so don’t bother trying. If you really want the modification gone, replace the part! Implants include suturing their eyes and mouth shut, implanting painful steel spikes into their torso, and a number of organ-based implants. Greatly increase their aggressiveness with the Aggression Amplifier, never let them get another good night’s rest with the Sleep Deprivator, or make them vomit constantly with the Stomach Clamp. Perhaps instead you’ll want to amplify the amount of pain they feel with the Pain Amplifier, or just cause them constant anxiety and panic attacks with the Panic Inducer. You can even control their heart functions with the Heart Irregulator.. But don’t be surprised if they die from all of the heart attacks they’ll get. The higher-tech organ modifications require organ modification kits. In addition, most of them also add a weakness to EMP damage - the specific effects are different for each implant.

Growths: There are currently two types of growths - the Neutroamine Incubator and the Growth Stimulator. Neutroamine growths allow a doctor to grow neutroamine inside a patient for ‘milking’. These sacs grow until they reach a point where they appear visible on a patient’s arms and legs and require ‘extraction’ into valuable Neutroamine. Due to recent advances in this technology, the arms and legs are no longer destroyed in the process, and the pawn can be milked again and again. And again. And again. However, death seems to always occur around 5 years of enduring this process. The growth stimulator, meanwhile, forces meaty growths on a patient. After a time, these growths will spread along their arms, legs, and head and engorge them. If left to mature, they’ll greatly increase the amount of meat and leather you get from the pawn after butchering them. This process kills the pawn in about 30 days, but at least it provides delicious products upon expiration. However, its not the most efficient use of food in general, as hunger overtakes the pawn going through this process and they eat ravenously. Its better for those with.. specific tastes, instead.

Lastly, there are precepts! Those without Ideology or those using the Classic mode have a precept where pawns don’t generally like torture; Those with Ideology gain access to six new precepts revolving around how their ideology views torture.

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