Mod «Xenohumans - Anthromorphs» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

Xenohumans - Anthromorphs

Anthromorphs comprise xenohumans biosculpted to resemble anthropomorphic animals, either as part of a fashion trend among glitterworld cultures or as designer mates suited to satisfy their masters' tastes. Apart from superficial skeletal alterations, anthromorphs' modifications are only skin-deep, meaning their capabilities are roughly the same as your average, baseline human. Anthromorphs are exceedingly rare on the rim - you're unlikely to encounter them beyond opportunistic mercenaries, travelling spacers, fleeing refugees, and fellow colonists.

Anthromorphs function roughly the same as humans. No unnecessary items or special race-specific mechanics, their only difference - besides cosmetics - is a slight beauty boost and marginal temperature preference shifts. You will still need to equip them with temperature-appropriate apparel, however. You can select which anthromorphs generate in the world in the mod settings; all generate by default.

  • Avianmorph pawns, including owlike and gryphonlike variants.
  • Bovinemorph pawns
  • Caninemorph pawns
  • Cervinemorph pawns
  • Dragomorph pawns
  • Felinemorph pawns, including pantheralike and lynxlike variants
  • Gnollmorph pawns
  • Lagomorph pawns
  • Vulpinemorph pawns
  • 11 new hairstyles
  • Designer heritage trait, rare but provides pawns with a beauty and mood boost
  • Stabilizer tail prosthetic, enhances melee dodge chance but reduces movement speed slightly
  • Includes patches for Erin's Hairstyles - Redux, Persona 5 Hairstyles, Vanilla Hair Expanded, and [KYD] More Pawns Get Prosthetics!


  • Humanoid Alien Races

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