Mod «Secure Contain Rimworld» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Secure Contain Rimworld

Adds stuff from the SCP Foundation project. Includes creatures, weapons, apparel, objects, factions, buildings, research projects, furniture, and a containment mechanic.

Adds several species of SCPs to wander the Rim; either neutral or outright hostile to your colonists lives. Some are traded across the Rim as pets, others are found out in the wilderness.

Adds anomalous weapons and apparel that add all sorts of effects. From a pistol that turns headshots into meals to a katana that makes a pawn crazy with power, you'll be surprised what you'll find in the hands of raiders or deep in ancient ruins.

Adds events and factions so your storyteller keeps you on your toes. From SCP-3199 attacks to Chaos Insurgency SCP-3033 raids, you'll see the weaponized forms of SCPs you'll be tempted to use too.

Adds non-anomalous gear and apparel to help capture SCPs and keep those D-Class in their place.

Also adds special 'containment procedures' for almost all anomalous entities that can appear. From simple powered shelves that keep an object from degrading to specialized walls and security doodads to lock up the nastiest the Rim has to offer. Don't forget: If it has a will of it's own, it will probably try to escape! Though not all SCPs have to be contained... after all, SCP-5185 instances are good boys with a little training.

Pay attention to an object's classifications to ensure the safety of your colonists. Or don't. There are three classifications: Containment class, Disruption class, and Risk class. They help indicate what effects the SCP has at a glance, and each one is listed in an object's information menu. A Safe, Dark, Notice-classed SCP doesn't mean it isn't dangerous.

Some of the classifications may have been adjusted thanks to the Rim being quite different than the Foundation's normal stomping grounds.

While knowing the SCP's entry can help in some cases, it isn't essential to play this mod.

Requires  Harmony. I also recommend having Ideology but it's not required.

  • New SCPs

RIMWORLD 10.07.22 (1.3)


RIMWORLD 19.06.22 (1.3)


RIMWORLD 23.05.22 (1.3)


RIMWORLD 05.03.22 (1.3)


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