Mod «Vanilla Psycast Expanded - Biotech Integration» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Vanilla Psycast Expanded - Biotech Integration

Are you looking for a VPE that spices up psycast paths with gene requirements and more diverse xenotype playthrough?

Bid farewell to the days of easy psycast path unlocks. Get ready for the thrill of gene manipulation as extract psycast genes from various xenotypes and implant them into your colonists to unlock specific paths. Alternatively, recruit the xenotype you desire for an easier route.

This mod introduces psycast genes, granting each xenotype possesses its own natural psycast endogenes. This unlocks a realm of possibilities as you navigate through the diverse xenotypes in your colony, adding a new layer of xenotype uniqueness.

RequiresVanilla Psycasts Expanded


  • Toggleable option: Where can I find toggle options?
    Options -> Mod options -> Vanilla Expanded Framework -> Toggleable patches

    1. Archotechist, Wildspeaker, Hemosage, and Puppeteer are required gene [Default: Yes]
    2. Limit each xenotype to only have one psycast gene [Default: False]
      If Toggle is ON, then you're limited to just one psycast gene per colonist. Which makes psycasts unique for each xenotype playthrough and cranks up the challenge.
    3. Are you sure about granting hussar to use psycasts [Default: True]

    ???? Natural Xenotype's Psycast Genes Infographics

    Vanilla Races Expanded - Highmate
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Hussar
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Saurid
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Sanguophage
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Archon
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Fungoid
    Vanilla Races Expanded - Phytokin
    Vanilla Psycasts Expanded - Hemosage
    Vanilla Psycasts Expanded - Puppeteer

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  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Danzen
  • Mod version: 14.12.23
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