Mod «[RH2] Faction: Utilitarian» for Rimworld (v1.4)

[RH2] Faction: Utilitarian

Utilitarian. Titan Corp's Private Military and Security Company. Closely tied with Union Aerospace Corporation, Utilitarian is part of the Armed Response Coalition (ARC) initiative.

They patrol the Outer Rim to help develop local communities who seek their services in order to help further the ARC program, building a world that can protect itself against outside hostile invaders.


- Utilitarian armors from DOOM by Fiendakko.
(Note: Apparel may be rendered low in-game due to 1.3 update forcing this.)
- Unique friendly faction with their own backstory and characteristics.
- Enlistment feature that allows your colonists to become a part of the faction naturally.
- DOOM 3 UAC Medpack, Thirsty Burst soda, and MG-88 Enforcer
- DOOM 2016 MP Utilitarian armor set done in 512x512 art for RimWorld!
- You get to listen to Tweaker remake by Jupiter while idle in the Contracts screen. Enjoy.
- If enabled with [RH2] DOOM, Utilitarian will spawn with weapon variations from that mod.


Enlisting to this faction unlocks the following benefits:

Main Services

Medical Services

Training Services

Other Services

Reinforcements Feature

Resign from Enlistment

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