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Race - Faifox

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Introducing the Faifox xenotype - a new addition to Rimworld's cast of characters. These specialized xenohumans are experts in using ranged weapons and can be a formidable force on the battlefield. However, they do have some weaknesses to keep in mind - they are particularly susceptible to toxins and cold temperatures. Despite this, Faifox's are well adapted to desert conditions, their skin has been specially engineered to prevent water loss, allowing them to survive even in the driest of conditions. But that's not all, they also possess unique adaptations that allow them to survive in extreme heat and the scorching desert sun, such as ears that help dissipate heat and special sweat glands that produce cooling sweat, making them true desert warriors.

The Faifoxs are a race of desert-dwellers, adapted to warm climates and intolerant of cold temperatures. With tanned skin and hair that ranges from light red to orange, though they can be any color and never turn gray, and typically lack the ability to grow facial hair, such as beards or mustaches. They are known for their impressive agility and shooting skills. Each of their fingers is equipped with powerful claws, which they are all too happy to use in battle. They are infamous for their aggressive nature, and any conflicts often result in violence. It is believed that they are descendants of colonists created to thrive on desert planets.

The pirate faction was nearly wiped out by the Empire after a series of raids on imperial caravans. This led to a brutal retaliation from the Empire, leaving the pirates decimated with few survivors. Those that did remain were forced to flee and scatter throughout the world, leaving the pirate faction a distant memory.

Although, they may still appear in small numbers within other factions.



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