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Forgelings race (Continued)

"Long ago, a tribe of industrial zealots dabbled in an experimental technology that fused man and machine, giving rise to the Forgelings. A blend of steel and flesh, Forgelings consume chemfuel and wood to fuel a burning furnace within their chests. Pummeling metals into shape with their hammer-like fists, heating it with their burning forges, Forgelings make for excellent smiths."

Race Features
Forgelings live to smith metals, and can do so on their own unique spots. Their stomachs a literal furnace, they burn wood and other fuels to power themselves, just watch out! They literally bleed fire. With fists of steel, they can pummel enemies to much in a pinch. They also tend to be more crafty or artistic by default.
  • 40% base sharp, blunt, and heat armor
  • Don't mind extreme heat (Max temp 3000) but still get hypothermia like normal.
  • Longer life expectancy (120 vs 80)
  • Longer gestation (45 days vs 30)
  • Can eat wood, and consider it to be a lavish meal
  • Punch about as hard as a regular mace (16.2 vs 15.7) without any quality or material modifiers.
  • Drop less leather, presumably due to the gigantic gaping hole in their chests (50 vs 75)
  • Forge daggers are a gladius with much higher damage (16 cut + 10 flame vs 16 cut).
  • Crucible armor is cooler looking but more expensive plate armor (80 metal + 2 components vs 170 metal). Statwise, it's identical.
  • Helmet is cooler looking but more expensive than a simple helmet (40 metal + 1 component vs 40 metal) for identical stats.

Used mostly to regulate their internal heat, Forgelings created this unique armor to compliment their bizarre physiology.
Adorned with smokestacks, this helm makes for a formidable and intimidating armor piece for Forgelings
A blazing heat builds within a micro-forge in this dagger, channeled from the Forgeling itself. The slightest cut can painfully sear flesh.
Forgeling Spot
Forgelings can forge metals practically anywhere, their fists the hammer, their thighs the anvil. If you need a forge and smelter on the go, bring a Forgeling. Just mind the heat.

Combat Extended COMPATIBLE

Highly recommend not to use Ideology which changes diet such as being a cannibal, they refuse to eat that food unless forced.


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