Mod «Oops all BUGPARTS» for Rimworld (v1.4)


From spikey antennea to large head eyes, fun bug heads and thoraxes-- Make your own lovely Xeno type with fun bug flavors.
Alpha genes are also reccomeneded!

Unfortunately not compatible(just the heads) with facial animations, but the mod includes the raw head files and most of them are seperated into nice parts, so if someone better at coding wants to make a patch go right ahead :)
(I'll add more screenies later)

Credit goes to Alpha genes, insectiod parts and a bit of saurids to help me figure out how to code this as I'm very new to moding.


  • Exoskeleton with fun buggy heads! (bodies soon)
  • Antennea (for a mantis or other long/atennae friend)
  • Beetle horns(soon will have beetle antenna compatible genes)
  • Bug abdomens-included are earwig, ant, bee, mantis, and rimworld insectoid.
  • Large head bug eyes for mantis friends.
  • The body werks brothers!


  • Make different genes for specific real world bug head types. (For now we only have the rimworld insectiod heads)
  • Release the spiders
  • Scorpion tail?(reskin for insectiod genes maybe?) and scorpion claws.
  • Bumble/moth neck fluff.
  • More buggy elytra/wings that arn't covered by alpha genes.
  • more abdomens full of fun looking stingers, especially insectiodtaur bodies??
  • A queen abdomen and consort abdomen for ants/bees/insectoids that'll be the only fertile ones.
  • maybe eggs? But I really love alpha genes and saurids eggs already, prolly won't need em.
  • Make Mantid and Arachnid Xenotypes
  • maybe add some more styles to serketism in alpha memes.
  • Add hediffs for the new body parts and bionics to replace them???

Required: Vanilla Expanded Framework and DLC Biotech

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