Mod «[Alien/Race] Seren, from Stardust» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

[Alien/Race] Seren, from Stardust
Added functionality for 1.4

Plans for Biotech: I want to be transparent here, I plan on adding as many features to fit into Biotech as possible, since it's the type of DLC I've been waiting for. However, I am restricted by what HAR can do at the moment, so while I do plan on adding genes and xenotypes for the seren and allowing for seren gene splicing and all that, I don't have a way to whitelist/blacklist/restrict genes and xenotypes. Once I am able to, I will add many more features. For now, I am planning on fix up the necessary bits for it to look good and work with Biotech.

As the Empire grew throughout the galaxy, they soon came upon the planet of Panastria, the home of the serens, a race of people supposedly made out of stardust.

Tensions rose as the Empire attempted their takeover, and there soon came to be the Seren Uprising. While they were valiant in their efforts, the serens lost their war against the Empire. After their victory, the Empire sought to make sure that they couldn't rise again, so they began a program of seren relocation throughout the galaxy.

Now, many inhabit rim worlds, scattered throughout the galaxy. Some stay in their seren colonies, creating new Panastrian civilizations. Others disperse and join the native civilizations on these rim worlds, intrgrating themselves into their culture. No matter where they end up, the seren remember their home fondly and tell the story of Panastria's former glory to their rim world-born children.


This mod adds the seren, an alien species from an Earth-like planet known as Panastria. Along with the seren, it also adds two new factions, a peaceful seren faction and a supremacist seren faction, two new scenarios, custom names, and some new backstories for the seren. An overall light-weight alien mod, but I am planning on adding more additions in the future.


Compared to humans. My goal was to make an alien that was different enough stat-wise from humans, but not broken or weak, as that would take away a lot of the fun. I also didn't want to pigeonhole them into one niche, so while I made working with animals, plants, mining, and construction slower, I slightly increased the yields and success rate, that way, while it will still take them a while, it won't be a complete waste having a seren working on any of these skills.

  • faster movement speed (5.5 for seren, 4.6 for humans)
  • much higher psychic sensitivity (1.5)
  • higher negotiation ability and trade price improvement (1.2)
  • slightly higher social impact (1.1)
  • faster aiming speed (0.8)
  • slightly more accurate (1.5)
  • slightly higher melee dodge chance (1.1)
  • slower plant work speed (0.8), but slightly improved yields (1.05)
  • lower tame animal chance (0.8)
  • lower train animal chance (0.8)
  • lower chance to bond with an animal (0.8)
  • slower animal gather speed (0.8), but slightly improved animal gathering yield (1.05)
  • slower mining (0.8), but slightly improved mining yield (1.05)
  • slightly slower construction (0.8), but slightly higher chance of construction success (1.05)
  • higher general labor speed (1.25, this affects all crafting/non-skilled labor)
  • higher cooking speed (1.15) and lower food poisoning chance (0.9)
  • slightly higher drug synthesis and drug cooking speed (1.1)
  • faster tending and surgery (1.2), slightly better tending quality (1.1), and higher surgery success chance (1.05)
  • slightly smaller body size (0.95)
  • lower health pool (0.85)
  • slightly higher injury healing factor (1.1)
  • smaller carrying capacity (60 for serens, 75 for humans)
  • greater comfortable temperature range (10-35 degrees Celsius, or 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • slightly lighter (55 for serens, 60 for humans)
  • lower pain shock threshold (0.7 for serens, 0.8 for humans)
  • slightly higher mental break threshold (0.4 for serens, 0.35 for humans)
  • extended lifespan (275 is the maximum expected lifespan)

Essentially, they are craftsmen and traders. They are skilled marksmen, but are very squishy, so it is probably best to keep them out of direct combat. Additionally, they have a high psychic sensitivity and a lower mental break threshold, so keep an eye on nearby psychic drones.

For those who care, here is the lore reason for the changes.

The serens, due to the gravity on Panastria, are naturally lighter and faster than their human counterparts, hence the changes in speed and dodge, but are not very strong. While Panastria is a planet similar to Earth, it is subject to much more extreme weather fluctuations, so the serens adapted by developing a greater tolerance to higher and lower temperatures.

Seren sensors (the horn-like protrusion on their head) act as psychic tuning forks, which is why they have a much higher psychic sensitivity than humans. Their sensors don't have much use outside of that and are actually very sensitive to touch and filled with blood and nerves.

Much of the planet of Panastria had been industrialized, which killed off much of the native plant and animal life on the planet, excepting a few pet species, and automated mining. By this time, they simply imported much of their food products and lost much of their skills when it came to farming and animal husbandry. Despite this industrialization, the Panastrian culture placed heavy emphasis on artisanship, individualism, and quality, so they continued to craft products, treat patients, and cook food by hand. As serens imported supplies and exported their crafts, they became notable traders and merchants.


The mod options can be found in "More Mod Settings" in the Options menu. You must have XML Extensions to access/use the mod options. A restart is required for changes to happen.

  • Remove Seren scenarios: Removes the custom scenarios added by the mod. Default: false.
  • Remove Seren factions: Removes the factions added by the mod. Default: false.
  • Male Seren: A slider that changes the gender ratio of the seren. Goes from 0 (0% chance for a seren to be male) to 1 (100% chance for a seren to be male). Lower the number, the lower the chance for a male to appear. Default: 0.5.

Requires: Humanoid Alien Races

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