Mod «[RH2] Faction: V.O.I.D.» for Rimworld (v1.4 - 1.5)

[RH2] Faction: V.O.I.D.

Warning, contains mild flashing lights and hidden messages.

Re-evaluate for a moment. Under what circumstances should you install this mod? None whatsoever.

Featuring the most beloved organization in the outer RimWorld. Always helping people find greener pastures. Ready to take on the world!

Adventure awaits. We at V.O.I.D. promise to look after you and your children because nobody else can. Always promoting a brighter tomorrow and a better world. You may be the next person selected to join our ranks!

Not feeling like being assimilated? Okay, how about becoming one of our honorary research subjects? Wherever you are, whatever you do, we will find you.

- High rates of mortality
- HD 512x512 remake of textures from the 1.2 V.O.I.D. faction
- Original RimWorldified art from the Dead Frontier game!
- V.O.I.D., an Ultratech faction that has begun purging the outer rimworld. Why?
- Nerotonin Type-4 infected, a virus known to have destroyed multiple worlds has been spotted in the outer rim.
- Nerotonin Type-4 "boss" variants
- Voidtech bionics, the aerospace company that dared to match the archotech
- Omnitech Viral Intelligence Development, an intergalactic pharmaceutical company hell bent in finishing the work that Secronom began
- Otherworldy Implants, Epic, Limited Edition, X-Series and more
- Custom V.O.I.D. and N-4 infected incidents. What will you choose to do in the face of extinction?
- Lw vwb apizm bpm nyqqambc.

Things to consider before installing this mod:
- This is not vanilla friendly.
- This will be compatible for Combat Extended, because the Combat Extended boys are a bunch of chads
- This mod is not fair. It is intended for players who have highly unbalanced mods in their favour and are seeking challenges. That or masochists like Rarr, The Grim Kleaper, Trmplays and Mr. Streamer.
- This mod is not yet finished. Upcoming feature includes V.O.I.D. base generation, description changes for monsters and etc.
- Would you be willing to sell your soul in order to join the monsters you swore to destroy like they did?

13.03.24 (1.4)

  • deepsave related issues fixed
  • removed protocol and other code spoilers in language.xml
  • resurrector.dll split apart to have resurrection and rapid healing separate.
  • undying pawn resurrecting related error fixed


07.11.23 (1.4)

  • Fixes with bug regarding Reaper corpses turning into RoidHulk if female upon death


08.05.23 (1.4)

  • Last update's .dll changes was not pushed, now has been pushed


24.04.23 (1.4)


13.02.22 (1.4)


01.12.22 (1.4)


13.11.22 (1.4)


10.11.22 (1.4)


06.11.22 (1.4)


03.11.22 (1.4)


02.11.22 (1.4)


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