Mod «Androids Expanded» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Androids Expanded

Adds two additional droids craftable from the Droid Fabricator through spacer technology research. These cost more resources and take much longer to print compared to the original models. The advanced droid and wardroid are available from one research project, while the drones require a project of their own.

Additionally, three small drones are available early in the research which allows one to build tiny robots tasked for specific needs.

NOTE - These droids and drones are fabricated automatically once told to build. You do not need to interact with the builders once they start working. The build times you see below reflect this, seeing as the buildings do the work themselves.

Advanced Droid

An upgraded version of the worker droid with better stats and speed. The role remains the same as its basic counterpart.

Speed 7.2
Global work speed 140%
Mining, Crafting, Plants, Construction 14
Shooting & Melee 6
Melee DPS 8.50
Learning capabilities as human (basic models cannot learn)
Armor rating 40% sharp & 30% blunt
Carrying capacity 150 (188 due to body size)
Body size 1.25
Material cost 450 steel, 240 plasteel, 10 components, 4 advanced components, 48,000 work amount


This wardroid is on par with a decked out super human soldier. Deadly and threatening. While highly capable using ranged weapons (it has extremely quick target acquisition due to advanced processors), this droid shines in melee combat. Fleshy beings will regret assaulting this droid, and it's capable of taking on a few mechanoid centipedes.

Speed 7.2
Shooting & Melee 18
Number of Arms being 4 means it attacks quickly
Melee DPS 27.06 (75% armor pen, plus a large rare slam attack)
Learning capabilities none
Armor rating 120% sharp & 60% blunt
Body part hit points substantially increased, making each body part much more durable
Carrying capacity 150 (450 due to body size)
Body size 3.0
Melee dodge chance very heavy droid means it can't dodge very well at all
Material cost 680 steel, 320 plasteel, 24 components, 12 advanced components, 128,000 work amount

Three new drones are designed with very specific tasks in mind and nothing else. These drones are more skilled at their tasks than worker droids. All drones can do janitorial work.

Chef: Cooks and gardens
Medic: Good at patching people up
Engineer: Can construct and mine very well
Material cost 300 steel, 6 components, 22,000 work

Drone Printer

Updated Graphics

Android Printer

Droid Fabricator


Save our Ship 2: All droids and drones are protected from decompression in space. They function normally.
Combat Extended: Thanks to the CE team this mod is compatible.

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24.08.21 (1.1-1.3)


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