Mod «The Saiyans» for Rimworld (v1.3)

The Saiyans

The Saiyans

  • Saiyans have 2x the durability of a human pawn
  • Saiyans do alot of unarmed damage and can increase this with Ki skill tree and transforming
  • 3 different classes of Saiyans Low class, Saiyan, and Elite class
  • Every Saiyan has a Ki skill tree that can be leveled with several skills
  • 5 Unique events for the Saiyan race
  • A unique transport pod
  • Saibamen that can be produced at the Saibamen producer
  • Unique custom armor for the Saiyans but any Pawn can wear
  • A scouter that increases accuracy
  • Lastly 3 working transformations, The uncontrollable raging Oozaru, Saiyan Fury and the Super Saiyan transformation.


Supreme melee mod will give Super Saiyan added parry chance and deflect for Saiyans
RoM - Saiyans should refuse to use magic books (haven't tested yet)
Space battle event has a chance to drop Saiyan pawns (unintended but cool af)
I recommend Character Editor for changing hair and editing colonists at start
Now compatible with EPOE


This mod adds several events, including a raid. Some mods that touch those events might cause issues but throughout play testing haven't had many conflicts.
Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan Raids are supposed to be very rare but using other mods might make them more prevalent than intended. Can toggle them off in mod settings, highly recommend for starting colonies

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