Mod «Mass Effect - Playable Geth» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Mass Effect - Playable Geth

No Quarians were harmed in the development of this mod.

The mysterious Geth have travelled across the Perseus Veil, and landed on one of many rimworlds out there. Their purpose is unknown, but they appear to be amenable to the organic races that proliferate the planet.

• Geth feature a custom body, and feature their own body parts that can be crafted by a fabrication bench.
• Geth can be linked with other geth to create a network that boosts speed relating to construction, production, aim/accuracy and research. Geth Primes and Juggernauts have a repeater that extends the range of the network. Consequently, they no longer have passions.
• Geth are vunerable to EMP, and do not adapt to it like mechanoids.
• Comes with their own technology tree.
• Each geth subtype has their own traits and backstories to hopefully make them more unique from each other.
• Geth don't use blood, instead they use coolant. Acts almost the same but the less coolant the more the pawn will overheat and become incapacitated.
• Immune to psychic sensitivity.
• You are able to create your own geth pawns and geth technology! First you must research "Advanced Fabrication", then build a "Geth workbench". From there choose a research option in the "Geth Technology" tab. To create a geth pawn, you need two arms, two legs, a head, torso, antenna and a power cell.

• Compatible with Save Our Ship 2
• Compatible with MedPod
• Compatible with Combat Extended

High quality textures
Character Editor
EdB Prepare Carefully


  • Harmony
  • Humanoid Alien Races

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Pecius
  • Mod version: 29.05.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 7.0 mb
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