Mod «Vanilla Factions Expanded - Classical» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Vanilla Factions Expanded - Classical

Unite the broken Republics against the common enemy. Stop the senators from squabbling and plotting against each other by completing a chain of missions to gain their favor. Each senator on your side will provide you with more political power in the senate, as well as new technologies, regular tributes and a helping hand when you need it the most. What the brochure doesn’t mention is the fact that each senator on your side is a senator living under your protection, a pawn you need to care for and defend, as they are not always a skilled fighter.

Gaining support of enough senators can give you access to new weapons, such as Javelins and Spathas, new structures such as thermae bath or crafting bench, or new technologies such as road building! It also unlocks perks that affect how your colony fares in these difficult, troubling times!

Vanilla Factions Expanded - Romans is a unique faction mod, creating a bridge between neolithic and medieval technological eras. The whole purpose of the mod is to introduce a faction called the Republic, divided into 3 subfactions. Player can side with each of them, as each of them provides different rewards - both in unlockable technologies and in actual paid tribute.


  • Vanilla Expanded Framework
  • Fixes

04.04.22 (1.3)


01.04.22 (1.3)


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