Mod «Paniel the Automata» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Paniel the Automata

A Paniel is an automaton designed to aid humans by PnL Industry, an interstellar corporation.
Because of their exceptional performance, durability, and loyalty, everyone in the Glitterworld wanted to get Paniels:
from regular households, military forces, large companies, and even to the royalties

- until an anonymous whistleblower uncovered their secrets.

The main ingredient of the brain cores was the humans' central nervous system, and the fuel for the Paniels was loaded with psychoactive substances to stabilize their newly formed personalities.

After being exposed, PnL Industry left all of its business behind and ran away to the Rimworld.
Although many of their trade secrets were leaked and properties were lost, PnL Industry managed to survive.
They still live by selling what they had left to whom they didn't even consider as customers before.
PnL Industry is waiting for the right moment to return to the Glitterworld when everyone would have forgotten about the whole mess.


The Automaton Crafting Table enables the crafting of Paniels. It requires metals, automaton skin, chemfuel, components/advanced components, and the automaton brain core/central nerve system.
(Brain cores are sold by PnL traders and trader ships. and Central nerve system can be harvested from other humanoids after researching.)
The metal chosen upon crafting determines the basic protection stats.
The appearance will be randomly chosen out of the four types.

Specialization and Skills
A Paniel can specialize in one of the three choices: combat, engineer, and domestic.
Specialization determines the skills and incapabilities.
Their skill level will not improve nor fall.
(A special implement may remove skill fixation but will remove the Automaton Quality buff as well.)


- Item

New Apparels
Adds 7 race-specific apparels. Only Paniels may wear them.
(Some apparels require PnL components sold by PnL traders and trade ships.)



Version 27.11.22 for RimWorld (v1.3-1.4)


Version 22.03.22 for RimWorld (v1.3)


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