Mod «Rim-Robots_» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


Do you want a robot race that is centered around being balanced, lightweight, & based on vanilla aesthetics? Do you also enjoy backstories & descriptions based upon the Rimworld lore primer, eating chemfuel and lumps of raw uranium, and creating a machine legion? Then this mod might just be the one for you!

Have you ever wanted to add a robot/android mod to your rim, but most of them seemed a little too heavy or otherwise didn't fully fit into the vanilla aesthetic? Then this mod is hopefully what you're looking for! This mod adds just enough content for a robot-oriented playthrough, while also being light and balanced enough that it can fit right into the backseat of your regular playthrough and be barely noticed.



There are two types of synthetic pawns added by this mod:

Mechanents: "A basic mechanent, or a "human-class mechanoid". Often used by glitterworld societies, or as a menial labor force for advanced urbworlds - they are fully capable of sentience, having cohesive thoughts, and even basic emotions." Compared to humans, 'mechanents' do not need sleep, but their diets consists solely of chemfuel & uranium. Furthermore they have all the pros of being mechanical, no blood, no illnesses, lower mental break thresholds, higher pain thresholds, and a small amount of natural armor.

They also have a few cons as well, they are slightly weaker health-wise than a regular human, they cannot wear certain apparel due to their odd bodies, they have a harder time dodging, and they can also be stunned by EMP blasts.

Personae: "The vessel of an AI persona. A relatively new creation originating from advanced glitterworld societies, and ultra-tech laboratories - they have all the capabilities of a baseline human." Compared to humans, 'persona' need sleep & they have no need for food whatsoever. They also have a few added upsides; no blood, no illnesses, toxic immunity, faster move speed, faster research, and higher social impact.

But, they only have a few downsides; they are weaker health-wise compared to a regular human, they have no natural armor, they are not entirely immune to extreme temperatures, and they can be stunned by EMP blasts.

As a bonus, they both come with a combined amount of roughly 80+ backstories, and thousands of different and unique names. All of your robots will have a different flair or style to them!


There are two factions added by this mod:

  • The civil mech union: Much like a regular civil outlander union.
  • The hostile mech reign: An optional hostile industrial/spacer faction - fear the machine legion.


"CE?" - Not yet.

Incompatibilities? - RJW - namely robots can participate in some "features", though I will not download that mod to patch it. If you find any other issues please let me know and I will try my best to fix it.

"Is it safe to add / remove mid-save?" - You can safely add it mid-save, but if you want to remove it make sure you make a backup save and remove the robot factions if you have any.

"Are they balanced?" - Yep! They are not overpowered in combat or in day-to-day life. Running a robot-only colony will still be as challenging as a human colony (granted the playstyle will be completely different). In a nutshell, they trade certain aspects and stats of a vanilla pawn to be immune to certain threats, but on the flipside they also now face different threats, such as a distinct lack of chemfuel or uranium for their reactors, or EMP blasts to the mechanical-brain.

"Does this mod add any sneaky apparel, items, factions, drugs, or any features?" - All this mod adds is two races, two factions with one being optional, a new scenario, two new research projects, and a new rare building called the "mech-casket" that can only be obtained either through an orbital exotic goods trader, or by starting out with the new scenario. It also adds a simple nutrition value to chemfuel & uranium, though these items are only consumable by robotic pawns, and function exactly the same as they did before.

"Where can I find these robots? And what is the deal with this new building?" - Mechanents and personae can both be found within their respective factions, rarely alongside industrial & spacer factions, or sold as slaves. However, if you'd like to kickstart your own army of killer robots, you can research the two new research projects and, given you have access to a mech-casket and a large amount of resources, you will be able to assemble and produce your own synthetic colonists! You can print both mechanents & personae, but to print a persona you first need an AI persona core.

"Does this mod work well with the 'Ideology' expansion and 1.3?" - Yep! I tried my best to meld them into all the new features, memes, & precepts without any inconsistencies or errors.

The mod requires:

11.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


05.10.22 (1.3)


03.09.22 (1.3)


Version 22.06.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)


Version 21.05.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)

  • New surgery system that requires components instead of medicine. (Crafting is also needed to perform a "surgery", but assigning a pawn to doctoring still dictates if they perform it.)
  • A new storyteller, Skycast Synthetic.
  • Persona now bleed synthetic blood.
  • Robots can now get ailments depending on their age, like component breakdowns, mechanite swarms, etc.
  • A couple robot related bionics. Fission reactor, selfalloying shell, etc.
  • A shitload of small tweaks.
  • Mechcaskets are rotatable now.
  • New headtype.
  • Hulk bodytype for persona.
  • If a robot loses its reactor or fluid reprocesser it dies.
  • Persona can have human skin tones.
  • Fixed some grammar errors, namely a couple jumbled robot limb labels due to a distinct lack of sleep.
  • Some really minor stat changes.
  • Robot men can have robot man beards now.
  • Robots are a lot rarer outside of their factions now.
  • Slightly edited the pop curve of Skycast
  • Added a minor ingredient needed for making robots. (mechanite core: craftable)
     Made the printing of robots much easier, though you need the new item now.
  • Edited the starting scenario, less powerful weapons, and a free mechanite core.
  • Tried to fix some mod related issues.
  • Some other really minor stuff I forgot about.
  • Fixed missing item def bug.
  • Fixed casket tab missing interface.
  • Added prosthetic support for EPOE
  • Fixed a couple small issues.
  • Sovereign’s robots look like a circus troupe.


Version 24.03.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)

  • Massively nerfed the raids from the synth factions.
  • Synth factions will now wait 50 ingame days before sending their assaults.
  • You now "decommission" robots instead of euthanizing them.
  • If you have Argon's Metal mod mechanents can fuel themselves with coal & charcoal.
  • Added a headtype 'Drifter'.
  • Some other small tweaks.


Version 10.03.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)

  • Added a patch for Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • Changed the description of the robots to remove the part about drugs, since they don't do em anymore.
  • Added two new colors for mechanents which very rarely spawns - grey & black.
  • Added a new headtype 'Slasher'.


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I have errors with colored boxes on the characters, is it from this mod or from alien races?


no funciona el mod aparecen unos cuadros rosas en ligar de los robots