Mod «XCOM Armor» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

XCOM Armor

Hello, commander...

Unlock the armors of XCOM

E.X.O. suit with wrist-mounted weapons system.

  • Rocket Launcher-This heavy armor combines reinforced ADVENT plating with a powered exoskeleton, offering superior protection and damage resistance coupled with a wrist-mounted rocket launcher.
  • Shredder Gun-This wrist-mounted slug thrower sprays a cone of razor-sharp particles, ideal for shredding armor.
  • Flamethrower-This wrist-mounted flamethrower relies on a super-pressurized fuel canister to unleash a deadly blast of fire on multiple enemies.

W.A.R. suit with wrist-mounted weapons system.

  • Shredstorm Cannon-A more aggressive variant of the Shredder Gun, the Shredstorm Cannon fires razor sharp particles, ideal for shredding armor and decimating close range enemies.
  • Plasma Blaster-This wrist-mounted plasma blaster fires a large plasma beam that deals significant damage.
  • Blaster Launcher-This wrist-mounted plasma blaster fires AI-assisted high explosive shells. it deals more damage, has a higher blast radius, shreds more armor, and has a higher effective range than the rocket launcher.
  • Hellfire Projector-This upgraded flamethrower deals massive damage to flammable environments and enemy targets alike.

New Armors!

Thanks to Erok for the art and Madmatt88 for funding the project.

-A powerful armored suit, this equipment serves to amplify the wearer's psionic abilities through a system modeled after the alien's own cybernetic implants.

-Requires Royalty-The Archangel Armor combines heavy armor with a small propulsion system that allows for limited flight capabilities. Internal air supply and recycling systems provide the wearer immunity to poison and airway interruption. Cooling systems and alien alloy construction confer immunity to environmental fire damage.

Archangel Helmet
-A super efficient re-breather helmet that gives the wearer an internal air supply and recycling system which provides protection against toxic air as well as cooling systems that provides additional protection against extreme heat.

Wraith Suit
-Requires Royalty...for now...-The lightweight upgrade of the Ghost armor system not only boosts our soldiers' reflexes and speed, it also incorporates experimental warp technology, permitting the wearer to briefly change dimensional phase and effortlessly pass right through obstacles. Additionally, by integrating a stealth field based on the phase-shifts observed in the alien's technology, this suit's stealth systems allow the wearer to become invisible for short periods of time.

Funded by Celestael. Thanks so much!


Presented by MadMatt88

  • Shielbearer Armor Deploys a shield to protect allies w/in a radius.
  • Trooper Armor Standard ADVENT Trooper unit protection. Enhances social standing and psychic channeling.
  • Officer Armor An upgrade to the Trooper set for the elite ADVENT units. The commanding presence of this medium weight armor enhances social impact.
  • Shieldbearer Helmet With extra dense alien alloys packed into this helmet, the helmets combine light-weight versatiity with exceptional durability.
  • Trooper Helmet The helmet was specifically designed to hide the Trooper's upper face, making them appear to be pure human soldiers.
  • Officer Helmet Like all ADVENT infantry, the Officer's helmet masks their nose and eyes. Incorporated with Mark-technology, the wearer of this helmet is granted with
  • AI-target tracking giving them increased accuracy.
  • Stun Lancer Helmet Unlike other ADVENT helmets, the Stun Lancer helmet has a crimson-red polarized visor that conceals their alien upper face. The helmet blocks psionic wavelengths granting the wearer almost complete immunity to pshychic effects. In addition, internal movement tracking on displayed on the inside of the visor allows the wearer to predict incoming attacks and avoid them.

Required: XCOM - Core

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