Mod «Ultratech Shades» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Ultratech Shades

For too long I have been dreaming of a mod with apparel that provides ample protection while allowing my pawn's heads to still be mostly visible. Unfortunately, the very few mods that did fit this criteria were either outdated or extremely broken. But today, that dream is reality, with the Ultratech Shades mod! Kill all that would oppose you in style!

This mod currently features a single pair of sunglasses that requires the Shield research to unlock. It is comparable to a marine power armor helmet, but also provides shooting accuracy and melee dodge chance. These extra feature come at a cost however, as it takes 50 plasteel, 20 gold, and 3 advanced components to make. It covers the entire head and even shows your pawn's hair without any other mods!

More glasses are possibly planned!

This mod is currently incompatible with Combat Extended. No other incompatibilities are known.

  • CatLover366 - Item description and xml
  • Elseud - Thumbnail and art
  • Sovereign - Thumbnail
  • Renn - Helpful tips

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