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Project RimFactory - Materials

Project RimFactory - Materials
A combination of Atlas's Materials+, Neceros Don't Burn Metal, and Argon's Expanded Materials using Project RimFactory mechanics.

This mod is just another take on a Materials mod and is meant to be focused around Factory games like Factorio, satisfactory and more.
It will have resources and items that fit RW from those games and processes that try to replicate that feeling without losing the RW gameplay.

This mod is by no mean a takeover of any of above mod, just a slightly different combination of resources and what it adds.
We love those mods and highly recommend them if you want more in depth material lines!
- Atlas's Materials+
- Argon's Expanded Materials
- Neceros Don't Burn Metal
- Neceros Vanilla Iron and Steel
- Cupro Pandas Glowstone mod (idea behind it)
Used with their permission for licensing go to their modpage.

New Production:

Digging Spot: Place this spot on light terrain to dig up clay and sand.
Materials Refinery: Advanced biochemical refinery designed for producing synthetic materials. A Helixien gas powered version is available if you use VFE:Power.
Plasma Forge: Extreme temperatures plus precision control allows for creating new alloys and machines. A Helixien gas powered version is available if you use VFE:Power.

New basic materials:

Clay: Used for Bricks and Concrete.
Sand: Used for Bricks, Concrete, and Glass.
Cement: Binding material for concrete.
Iron: basic resource that can be converted to Steel.
Copper: Used for electronics of all tech levels.
Coal: A natural fuel source with multiple uses.
Carbon: crude building material and precursor to better things.
Raw Diamond: Rough diamond that can be used as-is or be refined into an industrial material.

New Manufactured materials:

Stainless Steel: Stronger and more sterile than steel
Plastic: Lightweight with many uses
Glass: Transparent walls and doors
Reinforced Glass: Transparent walls and doors that can stop (some) bullets
Coke: Coal processed under high temperatures to produce a more efficient fuel source
Clay Bricks: Your basic fired brick. If you can build a fire, you should be able to make this. (Perfect for maps with little to no Stone.)
Concrete: Basic multi-purpose building material
Reinforced Concrete: Heavy duty concrete for stronger structures
Polyester: Light fabric - slightly better than cloth for some purposes and can be mass produced. Great for when you need to save cloth for more important crafting than carpet.
Kevlar: old-fashioned compared to hyperweave, but still better than anything you can grow in dirt.
Carbon Fiber: lightweight high-strength flexible material.
Carbon-Kevlar Weave: Interwoven carbon fiber and kevlar, a good balance of the strengths of both.
Carbon Plate: Plates of carbon fiber laminated with plastic for use in construction.
Synthetic Siamond: Not as pretty as what you could dig up, but just as strong.

New Recipes:

Synthread: Using materials technology you can now replicate synthread.
Hyperweave: Using materials technology you can make something so close to hyperweave that only a glitterworld chemist would know it isn't.

Requires: Project RimFactory Revived

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