Mod «Watchtowers» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


Adds watchtowers from which you can shoot behind walls and other buildings all while reducing cover of enemies the closer they are to a watchtower
Roofs can block LoS, thick roofs block LoS as if they are of infinite height

"Isn't it OP?"
Yes, I believe it is in fact OP. Not only Rimworld wasn't build around shooting through walls but like in case with embrasures mods AI gets a little lost. This in mind I see it as a roleplaying accessory, and not a balanced addition to the game.

Should not break saves on add and on delete, though it's better to deconstruct all watchtowers first

In my tests it did not tank performance, if it does for you I'll see what I can do

Combat Extended incompatible (watchtowers lose their properties), but I'd like to change that


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