Mod «Erin's Japanese Furniture» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Erin's Japanese Furniture

A selection of Japanese themed furniture providing beautiful alternatives to some vanilla structures such as tables, torches and standing lamps, and an additional art piece in the form of an artificial bonsai sculpture.

While this mod is content-complete, there may be updates in the future, so keep an eye out!

• Futons, both single and double, each with two designs. Only slightly less comfort than a normal bed, and made from textiles.
• Kotatsu, a low table with a blanket covering. Acts as a small heater.
• Zabuton, a small floor cushion to pair with a kotatsu.
• Low table, a simple 1x1 table, lower down to function better with a zabuton.
• Andon, an elegant floor lamp. Both electric and fueled versions available.
• Bonsai, an artficial plant and has potential to be beautiful. Made at an art bench, acts as a sculpture.
• Incense holder, a small tabletop decoration.
• Tatami, 2x1 and 3x1 mats. Made from wood and hay.
• 4 new, decorative flowers.
• Shoji doors, weaker but with a small beauty bonus.
• Fusuma autodoors, also called autoshoji. Weaker, but faster to open.

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Erin
  • Mod version: 21.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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