Mod «Falcon Armoury: Mk. IX AT Weapon» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon Armoury: Mk. IX AT Weapon

The Mk. IX Weapon was the first anti tank weapon designed to fullfill Anti-tank capability in a range up to 300 metres (supposedly) whilst being able to be operated by just 1 soldier. Previous systems had needed multiple soldiers to operate effectively, making this relatively lightweight and portable weapon popular with its operators. It was adapted from a spigot mortar design. A large spring loaded rod was released upon the pressing of the trigger, moving up through a hollow cylinder in the projectile detonating an explosive charge. This launched the projectile via kinetic energy, and the explosive charge forced the rod backwards, cocking it again for the next shot. While in reality being hard to aim above 100 metres, the spring loaded nature made it quite silent and perfect for ambushes, and the hollow charge projectile could even be slapped on the side of a tank by a (rather brave) soldier. While not exported, many ended up on the black market into the hand of insurgents operating in Eagle and Raven territory, giving the weapon quite a reputation.

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