Mod «Falcon Armoury: Repeating Rifle No. 1» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon Armoury: Repeating Rifle No. 1

The semi-automatic nature of the MK 18 Sidearm caused a stir in higher ranks. What if it could be placed in a rifle and given to Frontline troops? As a result, the Repeating Rifle No. 1 (RR#1) was born. It gave a massive increase in firepower to the standard infantryman. It replaced the standard Mk 6 rifle in frontline service. However, the Scoped Mk 6 was not replaced, as while a scope could be added to the new rifle, the gun was not deemed accurate enough. It was also not possible to make a shortened version, so the Carbine Mk 6 remained in service. In addition, it was plagued with manufacturing problems due to the nature of its design. During the start of the Eagle Border Incursions of The Long Winter, the Eagles suffered heavy losses due to this weapon. Still expecting to encounter Mk 6 rifle fire, they kept running into MK 32 Autorifle nests at every assault. After a couple of months and a few successful incursions they discovered that they were encountering a new type of semi-auto rifle, not the MK 32 like was originally thought. RR#1 Still remains in service in significant numbers to this very day with the Royal Falcon Army Corps.

This is a re-master of the original Repeating Rifle, with upgraded model and custom animations. Weapon performance is identical, with the exception of a slightly lower ammo count of 12 rounds.

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