Mod «AT4» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


The AT4 - a reliable and deadly anti-tank and in some cases, anti-personnel weapon, now in modded into Ravenfield.

Rocket Stats:
Speed: 300
Impact Damage: 2500
Balance Damage: 1250

Explosion Stats:
Splash Damage: 525
Balance Damage: 175
Damage Range: 10

This mod is made using assets that don't belong to me (the model belongs to Insurgency, sounds from BO2 and Insurgency too).
I'll also be making it so that on discard/reload a physical prop of the launcher will be spawned, and eventually try to replace the weapon model as the commissioner made a mistake with the model.
Also the weapon is 1 slot, and has 2 in reserve because that's what the client wanted.

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