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RE: SroA Adaptive Magrifle SR7

The SR7 Magrifle is a relatively new invovation of SroA Service Firearms. In Concept Magrifles are Guns utilizing electromagnetic Fields to stabilize and secundarily accelerate projectiles. This allows for SroA Magrifles to accomodate a wide variety of calibres, even those of unknown make, out during expeditons away from proper resupply. The SR7 is a bit of a departure from the base idea, yet still highly effective. The SR7 is outfitted to shoot three (in some models even more) different projectile types, each with their own application.
The first Ammunition is akin to modern shotgun shells, relatively low damage per pellet, but as they say, there's strength in numbers. Due to comparatively low spread this shell type can be used up to middling distances.
The second type is a recently developed type of Gyrojet impactor, highly accurate and if one is lucky, even able to make some sizeable dents in heavy armour.
The third type is the evolution of what one would call "Dragons Breath" Shells in modern times, capable of burning whole squads along with vehicles to cinders in a matter of seconds, this Ammunition type is only to be used in the direst of circumstances with clearance from atleast a level 2 Squad Overseer
To accomodate it's wide spectrum of engagement distances, the SR7 comes equipped with a retractable Scope by default

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