Mod «Tactical Shotguns» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Tactical Shotguns

This mod adds a total of 5 shotguns to your inventory, two M1014 semi automatic shotguns, and 3 Remington 870 pump-guns.

The M1014 comes in a standard ironsighted model, and tactical model with collapsing stock, EoTech optic, and suppressor.

The 870 is available as a primary with both buckshot and slug rounds, as well as a shortened seconday weapon. All versions are equiped with a Aimpoint red dot.

Note: the M1014 is the same as the mod previously uploaded by Martino, it has been included here with his premission. Additionally, he made the model for both weapons.

As always, constructive criticism and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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thx i can now tacticaly shoot people