Mod «MP-412"Rex"» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


Mp412, this pistol was set as a revolver exported to the United States at the beginning of its design (Americans are very fond of revolvers, which is known through western movies and American dramas). In fact, there is a saying that this pistol is for the private market in Russia, but in fact, it is not. Russian citizens are not allowed to own pistols, and the domestic products in Russia also meet their own needs. Therefore, Izhevsk machinery factory used this gun for export from the beginning, and its main export country is the United States. The earliest prototype of mp412 was exhibited at the iwa-2000 weapons exhibition in Nuremberg.
However, due to the signing of the agreement on mutual non targeting between the United States and Russia in 1994, the export market of this gun suddenly became narrow. Finally, this Russian made revolver did not open up a large market in the United States. This also led Russia to suspend the export plan of this pistol, and then the Izhevsk machinery factory also stopped the production of this pistol.

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