Mod «[WW2 Collection] Nambu Type 2» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

[WW2 Collection] Nambu Type 2

A blowforward submachine gun developed by Japan in the 1930's, the Nambu Model 2 wasn't created by Nambu, but it did develop upon the Model 1's awkward grip and unreliability (only slightly on the second issue). It operated by letting the barrel shroud, which had the bolt connected, slam into the chamber, carrying a round and firing it; the recoil would then cycle it back.

It's reliability was relatively poor, specially due to the completely exposed recoil spring, which heated up quickly due to it's position around the barrel.

While only a few tens of the guns were made, as Japan started to retreat on several fronts, the weapon was put into service.


  • Damage->34 (3 shots to the body)
  • Loadded ammo->30


  • Model->Coutin
  • Sounds->Galahad and Jay
  • Thumbnail and UI icons->Erazer

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